Online Job Management

Much more than time and expense tracking

Zulu Project Management tool is an advanced, yet easy to use and time-saving function that helps make projects easy to manage.

  • Track time and labour cost in real-time
  • Track material costs in real-time
  • One-click generate invoice
  • Quotes link directly into projects for seamless workflow

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Simple, Yet Advanced

Easy timer feature, works on mobile phone

It can be hard getting staff to record their hours, so with Zulu we've made it easy for your team to clock on and clock off the job.

  • All jobs track time, date and team member
  • Live reporting on project cost and profitability
  • Approval system for labour & materials prior to invoice
  • Advanced 'Daily task' list for live information on tasks due

Daily Task List

This unique & advanced feature allows all your time to login to their own 'to-do list' where they can see what is on for the day, and how what they are doing. Special features include a built-in timer and ability to set 'expected or quoted completion times' for tasks.

The Daily Task List is easy to manage by administrators and staff with easy organisation of tasks by their priority and ability to highlight urgent tasks easily.

What are you waiting for? Throw out the paper to-do list and switch to Zulu!

The jobs tool allows teams to more efficiently manage and delegate tasks day-to-day. With live project information, its easy for project managers to see profitability and see which team members are performing or not performing!

Why use a paper time-sheet? Why wait till the projects done to see it wasn't profitable? Zulu helps manage a project in real-time, far superior to any previous methods!

Matt Reid, Founder